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We don't do anything with your information.  We never sell, distribute or share your personal information with anyone.  All financial information (such as credit card numbers) are automatically processed through 128-bit secure connections and never viewed by anyone in our office.  We don't want any of our personal information violated, and therefore we respect your private information like it was our own.

A lot of people call us or email us asking if they can send money via mail or give their credit card number over the phone.  All these people are concerned about giving their credit cards online, which is a reasonable concern.  We NEVER store your password on the internet.  Suppose a hacker somehow gets into our servers, there is still no way they can get customer credit card numbers because they are NOT STORED ANYWHERE.

Once we process your transaction and the sale is complete, your credit card number is DELETED, meaning your credit card information is not lying around for someone to see.  If you are still concerned, you will be happy to know that NO ONE actually sees your credit card information during your purchase.  There is no need for ANYONE to see your personal credit information, and we stand by that theory.  Your credit card is processed in complete privacy and secrecy then deleted. 


  • No one EVER sees your credit card information.

  • Customer credit card numbers are NOT STORED anywhere.

  • All information is filled out on a secured connection.

  • All Information is 128-bit encrypted before it leaves your computer.

  • Credit card numbers are discarded after the credit card is processed.

  • Your personal information is never given out or sold.

We hope this helps you feel more confident about ordering online from If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases through HouseOfRave. We offer a money back guarantee on our full line of products within 30 days. Please be sure to check your items as soon as you receive them. For returned items still in its original condition, a 15% restocking fee may be applied.

All returns are carefully inspected. If any damage or signs of use are apparent, items cannot be refunded or exchanged.


Instructions To Return a Product for Returns / Refund:

Was a product of yours damaged during shipping or arrived in a non-working condition?  Follow the procedure to get a refund or exchange from HouseOfRave:

1.) Make a note with the following information:
    a.) Order Number
    b.) Full Name
    c.) Shipping Address
    d.) Phone Number and Email Address
    e.) Reason for exchange and action requested.  For example: if you would like a refund or exchange for a product, please write that on the note.

2.) Return the items to:
    9639 West Cornell Place
    Lakewood, CO, 80227
*Please make sure to include any original packaging or casing of the products being returned.
**Note: Candy, glowsticks and other perishable items cannot be returned.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will make every attempt to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.


The images and videos on HouseOfRave are the property of HouseOfRave and may not be used by any person or commercial enterprise without written permission.  Images marked with the "HouseOfRave" name or copyright symbol are the exclusive works of HouseOfRave and are protected by copyright from use on anything other than Please respect these copyrights and refrain from lifting our images from the website so we can continue to bring everyone high quality photo and video reviews.  The same copyright policies apply to all videos featured on the site.  If you would like to use or feature our images on a website, presentation or for personal use, please contact us first.

The HouseOfRave Team