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Rasta (RYG) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset

Price: $34.99

Millions of years of evolution and our fingers STILL don't light up.  Well screw you nature!

We've created custom glove sets (each is made individually when you order) which light up all ten of your fingers.

The Rasta (RYG) LED Glove Set includes:

10 Individual Tripz Microlights in Red/Yellow/Green, not 8 like other brands, we count your thumbs too!
- A pair of gloves - Your choice of color
- Batteries for each light
- Plus, other upgrades are available.

Our Tripz Microlight is the premiere Rave light. 
Tripz are easy to use; simply press once, it turns on, press again, it turns off. It's that simple!
Small, affordable and SUPER bright you will never try a different light after you "Trip like I do". 
Seriously, our lights are incredibly bright, you will not find a brighter set of LED Gloves anywhere else, period.

The cool part about being custom for each order is the OPTIONS:

Glove Color: Classic White, Black, or White Tipped
Rave Lights: Choose between all strobe, all ribbon or half and half. Half and half is the most popular combination for light show gloves.
Diffusers: Small plastic caps that fit on the end of your rave gloves to change the style and trail.
   - Open Diffusers - Make your LED gloves trail look fatter while still maintaining full brightness.
   - Closed Diffusers - Your light show will have a fatter trail and the entire rave light will be diffused.
   - Premium Diffusers - Our most popular diffuser, this makes your LED Gloves look like the classic Rav'n microlight, but in your color choice! WOW.
Extra Batteries - Practicing all week? Can't get enough of your rave gloves? No problem! Order extra battery sets today and save!




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