Get Micro 3D Laser, Portable Laser Pointer Light Show in Rave Party Online

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Lasers can be used for teaching, getting attention, and having fun! Choose the laser to suit your needs! These make great party enhancers, watches and keychain!

american-dj-laser-widow5.jpg DJ - Laser Widow Maker
4.9 mW red laser with 16 pre-set geometric patterns. A new revolution in laser scanner effects!
fusion-fx5-small.jpg Fusion FX Bar 5
The American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5, a member of the popular Fusion Series, has three effects built into one unit. It features a TRI Color LED Moonflower, LED Strobe effect and an ADJ “Galaxian Style” red and green laser.
micro-3d-laser-small.jpg Micro 3D Laser
This green and red laser produces more than 200 beams that rotate back and forth creating amazing effects that can be projected on a ceiling, wall or dance floor.
laser/laser-pointer.jpg Red Laser Pointer Keychain
"DON'T POINT" your mother always said....well go right ahead with this super bright keychain laser pointer!
laser/laser-camera-keychain.jpg Laser Pointer Camera Keychain
Looks like a miniature camera, but is actually a laser pointer. Great little addition to your keychain!
laser-geek-pen.jpg Ultimate Laser/Pen
This high tech gadget has enough bells and whistles to make most geeks drool.
laserscope.jpg LaserScope
Imagine a personal laser light show with a display as large as a huge room!
green-laser-kalaedescope.jpg Green Laser Lightshow
This thing is TRIPPY! It's unbelievable how this looks in the dark, you literally have to see it to believe it. It almost makes you feel like the walls around you are moving!