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This is only my 2nd time ordering from HouseOfRave. You guys had almost everything I needed for Burning Man, I do appreciate it. When my stuff got here it was like Santa Claus and the elves delivering my toys on Christmas!! THANKS!
Lisa K.

Thank you very much. I will definitely order from you again. Excellent service and quick. Thanks again.
Neane J.

I appreciate your prompt service and am pleased that the party decorations arrived so quickly. My client was very happy with the results.
Fina B.

Thank you for putting up with my crazy time schedule! I know it was difficult, but you guys pulled through for me at the last second. Very lucky to have found you guys that day :-)
Reena A.

Thank you for the emails regarding the refund and the quick delivery of everything else. This is why we've come back to you these last 4 times for our fundraiser. Thanks HouseOfRave (from all of us at HillTop).

I got my HouseOfRave stuff the day of the party. I busted the toys out and almost wet my pants!

-Greg S.

Jason, thanks for spending the time with us on the phone to get our props. We used them in the display and the photographs came out AMAZING thanks to your recommendations. We just want to let you know we appreciate your help to make our display a success.

-Noreen W.

Thanks again for the quick shipping guys!! Everything arrived in time for the graduation, and we were a HIT when my son went on stage and we all simultaneously started twirling our LED Ratchets you recommended. The entire auditorium could hear AND see us!

-Denise L.

Pretty much all my friends wanted my glo toys at the party, I told them HANDS OFF, go to HouseOfRave.com XD

-Sinsu S.

I know my package getting lost was UPS's fault and not HouseOfRave's, so I was DOUBLE impressed when you guys shipped out my order again so it would arrive in time for Burning Man. You didn't have to do that, and I sincerely appreciate it.

-Landon G.

I got the replacements earlier this week, and all worked great. Thanks a bunch for the quick shipment. I don't think I have had better service from any other website. You guys rock!

-Brian S.

We recently bought a motor and spotlight from House of Rave to accompany our in-home Disco Ball. And now I see this most awesome chance to win cool stuff. We have a concessions business and set up at tons of huge festivals late into the night. These House of Rave items could help us stand out like no other vendor of our kind. How awesome would that be!

A thousand thanks for the chance to win big!
-Shelley & Doug, Blue Diner Grille.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate such great customer service and such speedy responses! Have a great day!

-Katie G.

Thanks for the updates and helping us out, I appreciate the snap service.

I look forward to getting the orbs, you guys rock. Cheers.
-Mike R

Hey, thanks a bunch once again. You guys rock! Great store, I've already sent the link to some friends. Thanks again,

-Karl H.

The glow stuff was a huge hit at the part, and I hope I win something in your contest because ....I love you house of rave dot com <3

-Sang V.

Thanks so much guys, my sisters and I loved all the lights we got, and I also like the way you did your giveaway raffles.  Very creative!

-Sonora M.

You guys are the best. Thanks for sending out my new toys so quick. I got to use them on my trip to Denver even though I didn't think I'd get them in time. Happy holidays!

-Marneel N.

Hey HoR. Love your stuff.  Always interesting.  Always intriguing.

-Lance H.

I would just like to say that even though I returned the product that I bought from your company. You all made the process so easy and quick that I have no problem shopping again with you. I just want to say THANK YOU!

-Joan M

Just wanted to thank you for a job well done. Ordered some glows sticks for my daughters after wedding rave. With only a couple of days until the wedding I was able to place an order with HouseOfRave.com and received the sticks the day for the wedding. My daughter was very happy and a good time was had by all. I will definitely order from you again and recommend your site to all my friends.

-Theresa R.

I just love browsing through all your products.  Just letting you guys know :-)

-Terry R.

Thank you so much, I love shopping with you and will continue to do so. Your service is great and shipping quick, much appreciated.

-Maggie M.

Oh I wish you guys had a store in my town!

-Jesse S.

Just a note to thank the HouseOfRave team for the exceptional customer service. I had some questions regarding a return and it was handled quickly and professionally.

Raymond P.

I just wanted to tell you how great my experiences at HouseOfRave has been! It amazes me how fast you guys get stuff out the door. My third (and definitely not last) purchase from HouseOfRave. Thanks!

-Melanie M.

I've already told several friends about the great prices and funky selection on your website. Now I have another reason to refer friends to your site. Thank you for making this process easy!

-Shereen S.

You guys rock! Fast turnaround, good prices, great stock, great information on each product - I knew exactly what I was buying thanks to your photos and videos. Thanks for going the extra mile, it's daunting buying online when you're not sure about the product.

-John K.

The party was great. Who would've thought a rave website would help make such a great childrens party!

-Nelton C.

Thank you. You are an excellent company and I will definitely shop with you again and spread the word. Browsing the site is very fun.

-Iris K.

This is the second time that I have ordered from House Of Rave and have been very happy both times. There will be a third soon!

Marian O. - Sierra Vista, AZ.

Great stuff.  The house party was great, people couldn't believe I had disco lights and bubbles in the same room!

Katia W. - Los Angeles, CA.

Thanks again guys for the great selection of stuff.  My Ultra Fest is going to be great =)

Franky W. - Tallahassee, FL.

That was some quick shipping!  Didn't expect my order by this week, thank you so much!

Sandra G. - San Diego, CA.

I really appreciate your helpful service over the phone.  I know I bugged you guys a lot, and thanks for answering all my questions about the disco balls setup, you were most helpful.

Victor H. - Somerville, MA.

I just received my order and I am so excited. Everything is wonderful and arrived in less time than I expected. I am so happy I found you.

Laura S. - Milpitas, CA.

Your company is the BEST!! Thanks so much & I do tell everyone about you.

-Ashley G. - Falconer, NY.

Thanks again for replacing my order so quickly.  I'm a big fan of customer service.  You guys truly have a tight ship running there.

Ruben V. - Flagstaff, AZ.

I just love HouseOfRave and your selection of stuff and I always tell my friends about you.

-Tom M. - Laguna Niguel, CA.

Thank you so much...everyone I have spoke and corresponded through email with has been so pleasant and wonderful. Thank you.

-Turner C. - Ipswich, United Kingdom

I wanted to thank you again for working on getting me the disco balls overnight.  The party was a success and the disco theme went over beautifully

-Annie W. - New York, NY. USA

Im glad your store exists!! You have AMAZING things for sale!! I mean AMAZING.

-Steven T. - France.

I really love the way your web store gives so much information about the products.  It made me feel much more comfortable placing an order from Canada.

-Nici K. - Toronto, ON. Canada

Wicked selection of products, I absolutely love it.  Will be ordering more soon!

-Jason V. - Madison, IN.

I placed a huge order for Burning Man and it arrived much quicker than expected.  The other Burners just loved my stuff, and guess whom I referred them to?  HouseOfRave!

Isaac M. - Boise, ID.

Thanks for the quick delivery and awesome product, they really made the haunter house look great, especially the Flame Lights and Strobe Lights!

Luke P. - Key Largo, FL.

You guys rock, thanks so much for the quick delivery! 

-Harold S. - Redmond, WA. USA.

Thank you HouseOfRave for helping our school with the disco themed prom.  The 30" disco ball looked gorgeous!

--Jeannie D. - Wichita, KS. USA.

My friends were blown away with my lights at the Electric Daisy Carnival, thanks again for the help.

--Aaron L. - Tallahassee, FL. USA.

I was so happy to find your site, it's so light-a-licious.

--Aubrey S. - San Francisco, CA. USA.

I've ordered several times from you guys, I think if you had a chain of stores it would be the most fun store to visit!

--Shannon L. - Hudson, NC. USA.

Your web store is wonderful and has so many things on there that make me happy I wish I could buy it all! Keep up the great work, and thank you for all the glow-goodness that made my party even better.

--Natalie W. - Boston, MA. USA.

Thanks you for the quick delivery, the bubble machine really entertained the kids during my sons birthday!

--Mandy C. - Sacramento, CA. USA.

Thanks again guys for helping me with my Daft Punk Bot costume for Halloween!  I apologize for taking up so much time on the phone, but you guys really came through with some great ideas.

--Robert G. - Harrisburg, PA. USA.

For my daughters state cheerleading competition in Colorado we needed to get the parents and school supporters something unique and attention getting.  Jason graciously helped us pick out a whole variety of glow necklaces and spinners which were a great hit at the competition and totally unique.

--Paige N. - Boulder, CO. USA.

I was worried about ordering online for an upcoming party because of slow shipping times, but my order was shipped to California in less than 2 days, I was very impressed!

--Claire S. - Mountain View, CA. USA.

Just wanted to say thank you for a timely shipment. I received it today, and I will be ordering in the future and letting my friends know about your site and the wonderful things you offer.

--Alvin O. - Tampa, FL. USA.

Thank you again, everything is great! My daughter just took the Fuze necklace, ratchet and tunnel necklace to the Reggae on the River festival this weekend.... we will then be taking everything to Burning Man next and finish the summer off with the Earth Dance Peace Festival.... fun toys to bring and inspire!

--Tryphena G. - California, USA.

I was looking all over for some t-shirts and thankfully I found them on your site!  I also picked up a couple pairs of glowing gloves, I was very pleased with the quick (and cheap!) shipping!

--Stacey M. - Detroit, MI. USA

My son ordered some glowsticks online, but I was very skeptical about online shopping.  Thanks for the fast delivery and honest business, I am now a regular customer!

--Daniel Elkins - Killeen, TX. USA

I've placed 3 orders with houseofrave.com in the last year, and I plan to order again!! Keep up the great work!

--Robin Maclean  - Toronto, ON. Canada

I have always loved your free videos!  Thnx for the free service :)

--Hans Helfrich - Centennial, CO. USA

Great selection and great prices.  Thanks for the Poi Swings, I love 'em!

-Jason Li - San Diego, CA. USA


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