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G l o w s t i c k T i p :

If you use a glowstick for a short period of time and wish to save it for later: Put the glowstick in the freezer.

When you wish to use the glowstick again, run it under hot water to make it bright again! This way you can maximize the 8-12 hours the glowstick lasts. If you need help picking the right kind of glowsticks, checkout our Glowstick Helper to decide.

glowing/mini.jpg 1 1/2" Glowstick
Great for lighting up your drink, mouth or anything else! Hygenic and small enough to keep in a purse or wallet "just in case!"
glowing/4glowstick.jpg 4" Glowstick
Individually foil-wrapped 4 inch glowsticks...perfect for keeping in tight places.
glowing/6glowstick.jpg 6" Glowstick
These are the same glowsticks you see at parties, clubs, raves and everywhere else!
glowing/6high.jpg 6" High Intensity Glowsticks
These are incredibly bright 6" High intensity glowsticks that glow super-bright for 5 minutes.
glowing/6ultra.jpg 6" Orange Ultra-High Intensity Glowstick
6" High intensity glowsticks burns Ultra-Bright for 5 minutes before settling to a normal intensity.
glowing/6bulk.jpg Bulk 6" Glowsticks (25 non-wrapped)
A bag of 25 non-wrapped 6" glowsticks and your choice of color. Buy in bulk and save!
glow-straw-variety-01.jpg Glow Straws (25 Pack)
Sip it! Make it Glow! Variety Pack or Choose Color
glow-bracelets.jpg Glow Bracelets (Tube of 50)
Standard glow bracelets are 5mm. Ours are 6mm thick and yield 44% more glow! You will notice a difference. Comes in full tubes of green, blue, or red.
glow-necklaces.gif Glow Necklaces Premium Quality (Tube of 50)
Glows brighter and longer than standard line. Once activated, glows approximately 8-10 hours brightly.
glownecklace/tri-color-glow-necklace.jpg Tri-Color Glow Necklaces (Tube of 50)
Intensify your next party by giving all your guest these three colored necklaces! Standard quality, glow for 6-8 hours.
glownecklace/tri-color-glow-necklace.jpg Tri-Color Glow Necklaces Premium Quality (Tube of 50)
Intensify your next party by giving all your guest these three colored necklaces! Premium quality, glow for 8-10 hours.
glowbeachball.jpg 12" Glow Blow-Up Ball and 6" Glowstick
Great for raves or nighttime beach parties!
ankle-glow.jpg Glow Anklet
Single foiled glow anklet, 9" silvertone ankle chain w/ 2 1.5" mini lightsticks
patrioticswirlglowpack.jpg Patriotic Swirl Glow Pack
Perfect for 4th of July or anytime you want to show off your American pride! Includes necklaces, bracelets and a glowstick in a beautiful swirl pattern of red, white and blue.
halloweenglowpack.jpg Halloween Glow Pack
Orange and green colored glow pack! Includes bracelets, necklace and glow stick.
glowingpendantnecklace.jpg Glowing Pendant Necklace
Our Glowing Pendant Necklace comes in your choice of red, green, or blue.
neck-glow-pendant.jpg Glow Necklace Pendant
One 24" lanyard and one 2" Mini Glow Stick.
glowing/6bulk.jpg Bulk 6" Glowsticks (1 dozen Indiv Wrapped)
Save some money on glowsticks and buy in bulk! 12 individually wrapped 6" glowsticks.
glowing/10inch-high-intensity-glowsticks.jpg 10" High Intensity Glowsticks (2 Hour)
These are incredibly bright 10" High intensity glowsticks that glow super-bright for 2 hours.
glowing/15-inch-mega-glowstick-small.jpg 15" MEGA Glowsticks
These babies are HUGE! These things are incredibly big and will get attention no matter where you are! Variety of colors including ULTRA INTENSITY ORANGE.
glowing/glow-bracelets2.jpg Glow Bracelets (Indiv. packaged)
Individually packaged glow bracelets are perfect for giving out as gifts for your guests to wear!
glow-necklaces.gif Glow Necklaces (Indiv. Packaged)
Individually packaged glow necklaces, perfect for giving to your guests to wear, party favors, or carrying to a concert!