Disco Ball Spotlights at HouseOfRave.com

Contact: CyberpunkCS@gmail.com
Looking for: Vendors! Clearance sale! LED Items - Cups, Necklaces, Jump Ropes, Animal Hats, Bubble Guns, Glow sticks, Magic Mitts! selling for cheap! Great Carnival Prizes! Please send message.


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Our selection of Disco Balls Spotlights and accessories. 

disco-ball-spotlight-pl1000.jpg Disco Ball Spotlight - PL1000
High quality and long-lasting disco ball spotlight for all sizes.
disco-spotlight-lenses-01.jpg Disco Ball Spotlight Color Lens
For PL-1000. Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
pinspot-led-2.jpg L.E.D. Disco Ball Pinspot Light
High intensity Pinspot for Disco Balls
led-disco-motor-01.jpg Hanging LED Disco Motor
The perfect disco ball motor for your next house party.
led-beam-mono-pinspotlight-white.jpg Led Beam Disco Ball Pinspot light - Monocolor choice
Monocolor - Simple Choice!
howsan-holiday-projector-01.jpg Howsan Holiday Shape Projector
Festive Lighting effects