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Burning Man is coming up this Aug. 29th - Sept. 5th, 2011, and it gets pitch dark in the Black Rock Desert, so if you're there at night, try out some of these products to help light up your night.  By order data, these are the most popular items people attending Burning Man buy from HouseOfRave:
Note: We are not affiliated with Burning Man, these are simply the most popular items Burners tend to buy. 

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HouseOfRave Recommended LIGHT-UP PLAY THINGS

By customer demand, these are the most popular play items for Burning Man.  These are all battery operated and portable so they can be carried around on your person.

Accent Lights LED Juggle Balls L.E.D. Ball LED Frisbee Set
LED Frisbee Streetlights Oggz Eggs Orb Ball
String Thing 20" Sparklers Skyliner LED Play Ball
LED Frisbee & Wrist Lightshow Stick 175g LED Frisbee 185g Ultimate Frisbee

HouseOfRave Recommended PERSONAL LIGHTING

Creative lighting you can use out on the playa.  Everything here is battery operated, or in the case of the glowsticks, doesn't need any energy source at all.

Finger Lights Happy Camper Photon Freedom Photon 2
Photon 1 Sauce Lightwand America Candle Glow Heart Candle
6" Glowsticks Ultra Intensity Glowsticks 10" Glowsticks 15" Glowsticks
Personal Strobe Light Portable Blacklight Blacklight Flashlight Party Beacon

HouseOfRave Recommended BODY DECORATIONS

Creative things to decorate your body.  At Burning Man the weirder the better, so be creative!

Glow HAIR Gel Glow BODY Gel Glow Fingernails Temp Tattoos
Uncle Sam Dreads Furry Pimp Hat Propeller Beanie Jester Hat
Tri-Color Necklaces (Tube) Glow Necklaces (Tube) Glow Bracelets (Indiv) Glow Bracelets (Tube)

HouseOfRave Recommended for DESERT COMFORT

It gets hot out on the playa and heat exhaustion is always a risk.  These compact and portable fans will help keep you cool while on the go.

Water Mist Fan Flexi-Clip Fan Squeeze Breeze 5" Portable Fan


Other items from HouseOfRave your creative mind can use at Burning Man.

Blacklight Room Batteries Bubble Blowers Candy


bike-spoke-light.jpg Bike Spoke Light LED Lightshow
Take the RAVE ON THE ROAD with this color changing LED lightshow that goes on your bike spokes. A life-saving device...