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Video - Raving (with Photon, glowsticks and more)



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    rave-videos/albert-yoo-glowsticking.jpg Rave Video - Albert Yoo Glowsticking
    Albert Yoo doing some awesome glowsticking in the dark. He does all sorts of great tricks and has a clean style.
    rave-videos/amazing-photon-tricks.jpg Rave Video - Amazing Photon Tricks
    James in a talent show doing some amazing photon tricks with blue and red photons!
    rave-videos/dave-tracing.jpg Rave Video - Dave Tracing
    Dave tracing with glowsticks. Submitted from Awesome video featuring Glowstick Tracing.
    rave-videos/gio-dave-rave.jpg Rave Video - Gio and Dave Raving
    Thanks to Gio and Dave for making this great video. It features them both going wild at a rave using glowsticks and performing all sorts of tricks with them.
    rave-videos/glowsticks-in-club.jpg Rave Video - Glowsticks in Club
    "Raving with two 6"" Glowsticks inside a club. He also has a 1 1/2"" Glowstick in his mouth. The video takes place inside a club and you can see the strobe lights flashing on and off. Cool video, but unfortunately no sound!"
    rave-videos/how-to-make-orbitz.jpg Rave Video - How To Make an Orbitz
    "Here Robert demonstrates how to make an Orbit out of Photons and string, and how to use it."
    rave-videos/kunal-raving.jpg Rave Video - Kunal Raving
    User Submitted: Thanks to Kunal for submitting this video of himself raving with a Photon Micro Light and Rav'n Party Light. The video is also filmed in a dark room with black light lighting which makes his white shirt glow.
    rave-videos/kunal-with-glowsticks.jpg Rave Video - Kunal Raving with Glowsticks
    "User Submitted: Kunal raving with a ton of stuff! He's using glowsticks, a Rav'n Party Light, Photon 2 Light and a Photon Freedom, all from a purchase from HouseOfRave!"
    rave-videos/orbits.jpg Rave Video - Orbits
    "This technique is called Orbiting or Orbits. It involves taking a loop of string, then tying micro lights in the center. Check out this awesome Orbits video!!"
    rave-videos/raving-knives.jpg Rave Video - Raving with Knives
    "Raving with 7"" Knives! We don't recommend this at all, but it's interesting nonetheless!"
    rave-videos/robert-lee-orbitz.jpg Rave Video - Robert Orbitz
    Rob doing some sweet Orbitz (Photon lights twisted up on strings).
    rave-videos/robert-lee-orbitz2.jpg Rave Video - Robert Orbitz #2
    "Another awesome Orbitz video by Rob. Also, HOW TO MAKE AN ORBIT on here."
    tecktonik-thumb.jpg Rave Video - Tecktonik (France)
    "Tecktonik is a new dance style originating out of France, pretty crazy looking!"
    rave-videos/tom-feng-glowsticking.jpg Rave Video - Tom Feng Glowsticking
    Tom Feng glowsticking with some High Intensity Glowsticks. Good stuff!
    rave-videos/two-dudes-raving.jpg Rave Video - Two Dudes Raving
    "Two guys going insane with some glowsticks, Rav'n Party Light, Photon Lights and more. This was all filmed in a dark room lit by a black light. Cool effect."
    Rave Videos - ALL OTHER
    Tom Feng glowsticking with some High Intensity Glowsticks. Good stuff!




    4 Finger Lights

    Disco Kit

    Streetlight Multix

    Big Color Wand

    18" Black Light

    Rave Balls

    Light Rope

    Orb Ball

    Glow Hair Gel

    Glow Sticks

    LED Gas Mask

    Furry Leg Warmers

    Rave Gloves

    Cyber Goggles



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