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Temporary tattoos to impress your friends, use for a costume, spice up an outfit or use as a trial run before something more permanent.

tattoo/5-inch-tattoo-thumb.jpg Tattoo - 5 1/2 Inch Tattoos
5 1/2" tattoos that can be used on arms, belly, or back.
tattoo/8-inch-vine.jpg Tattoo - 8 Inch Thorny Vine
This 8" Thorny Vine armband will fit pretty much all the way around your arm or lef. A GREAT temporary tattoo!
tattoo/tattoo-sleeves.jpg Tattoo - Tattoo Sleeve (Single)
Slip on a tattoo sleeve and watch people think you have a fully tattooed arm!
tattoo/barb-wire-small.jpg Tattoo - Barbed Wire Armband
The famous Barbed Wire Tattoo in two different styles.
naughty-tattoos.jpg Naughty Tattoo Set
Have some fun with these cheeky tattoos that can be removed easily after use.
skin-art.jpg Skin Art Tattoo Bandage Assortment
Cover your boo-boo with one of these rough and rugged Skin Art Bandages to trick people into thinking you’re tough.




4 Finger Lights

Disco Kit

Streetlight Multix

Big Color Wand

18" Black Light

Rave Balls

Light Rope

Orb Ball

Glow Hair Gel

Glow Sticks

LED Gas Mask

Furry Leg Warmers

Rave Gloves

Cyber Goggles



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