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super streetlight 2.2

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These Super Streetlight 2.2 Lightsticks are personal LED light-sticks (digital glowsticks) that create striking visual effects at parties, dances, or anywhere people gather to have fun at night. Streetlights have become an enormously popular party and dance accessory that plays on the natural human fascination with light, and these are the next generation of Streetlights. When dancers put the Streetlights into motion, the fascination multiplies. Dance clubs, festivals, concerts, parties, fairs, carnivals, and sporting events are all venues that have proven the popularity of Streetlights. The lights seem to create their own frenzy at these events.

Once a few lights appear, everyone wants to join the fun! Dance clubs in San Francisco are selling Super Streetlights by the hundreds. Super Streetlights are patented light sticks approximately 8 inches long and inch diameter.

Checkout our Super Streetlight 2.2 Video:

They are made of a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate containing a configuration of LEDs that emit light from the full length of the housing. A small camera style battery, (looks like a AA battery cut in half) rated to deliver 6V at 28 amps, powers the LEDs to a brilliant shine that creates laser-like effects in the dark.

Each Super Streetlight is also equipped with a four-stage switch that allows the light to be set in three different modes. Press the button:

  • Once -   Steady On Mode - Fully lights up and stays on like a glowstick.
  • Twice -  Blink Mode - The Super Streetlight blinks on and off.
  • Thrice - Strobe Mode - Each section sequentially blinks (like the top animation).
  • Fourth - Off

The two flashing modes make an incredible visual effect that do wonders to enhance the appeal for any audience. They are conveniently sized, lightweight and can withstand reasonable impact. The battery (which is included) is easily replaced and will last approximately 600 minutes.

People love the Super Streetlights because they are like digital glowsticks.  Unlike traditional glowsticks which can only be used once, Super Streetlights can be turned on or off at any time, and also have flashing modes which glowsticks can't even compare to!

An amazing party toy, high quality product and one of HouseOfRave's best selling items of all time! 

Super Streetlight 2.2 Specifications:

  • One-button operation.
  • 3 on modes.
  • 8 inches long and inch diameter.
  • Battery included and installed and easily replaceable.
  • Lasts approximately 600 minutes of continuous use, longer if use is intermittent.





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