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    Decorate your pad for the ultimate party! One of the classic party decorations of all times is the trusty strobe light. We have a wide selection of lights for you, something to fit anyone and any party!

    personal-strobe2.gif Personal Strobe Light
    A super bright, small, battery-powered xenon strobe light, great for parties, emergency use or costumes!
    strobe-lights/20w-mini-strobe.jpg 20 Watt Mini Strobe Light
    $17.95 $14.95 On Sale!
    The perfect strobe light for a room, compact and bright!
    led-strobe-light.jpg LED Mini Strobe Light
    LED lighting has now entered the world of strobe lights! This is a great strobe light for your room since it doesn't put off heat and has no bulbs to ever replace!
    strobe-lights/mini-strobe-light2.jpg Compact Strobe Light
    This compact strobe features an adjustable mounting bracket and 20-watt power with speed control. Perfect for house, apartment and dorm parties!
    classic-strobe1.jpg Classic Strobe Light and Filters
    This is the classic strobe light everyone remembers. Comes with three color filters to funkify the party!
    bright-shot-strobe.jpg Bright Shot LED Strobe Light (96 LED's)!
    White LED Strobe with 96 bright LED's and speed control!
    power-shot-220-led.jpg Power Shot 220 LED Strobe Light
    220 LED lights to strobe your stage or house up.
    strobe-rope.jpg Strobe Rope (15 foot)
    15 FEET of strobe! Has 12 flash capsules that add an awesome effect to just about anything.
    ultra-shot-strobe.jpg Ultra Shot 234 LED Strobe Light
    234 bright L.E.D. lights will light up your night...REALLY BRIGHTLY.
    800-watt-ultra-strobe.jpg 800 Watt High Intensity Strobe Light
    You probably DO NOT NEED this industrial strobe light unless you've got a REALLY big house or a club to light up!
    3200-watt-strobe-pack.jpg 3,200 Watt Mega Strobe Package
    This is professional grade strobe lighting for concerts, clubs or stage performances. Complete with DMX controller.
    egg-bulb-strobe-lights2.gif Egg Bulb Strobe Lights
    Simply screw an Egg Strobe into a standard light socket and you've got a party going! Use multiple in your ceiling fan!
    socket-flash-strobe.gif Socket Flash Strobe Bulb
    This thing turns any standard light socket into a strobe light....WITH speed control!
    super-compact-strobe.jpg Super Compact Strobe Light
    Sets the mood for excitement with pulsating illumination on walls, ceilings, and dance floors!
    strobe-with-filters.jpg Strobe and Filters Kit
    Brighten Your World with the Strobe and Filters Kit!
    strobe-lights/75w-round-strobe.jpg 35 Watt Round Strobe Light
    When you need to light up the entire house, this ceiling mountable strobe light is perfect.
    strobe-lights/professional-strobe-light.jpg Professional Strobe Light
    Perfect for the DJ or party! 50-watt strobe with flash and speed control, external power cord, on/off switch.
    curtain-strobe-light.jpg Plugin Curtain Strobe Light
    A high intensity, compact strobe that you can plug into any standard outlet.
    Honeycomb-Strobe-Light.01.jpg Honeycomb Cylinder Strobelight
    Light-duty Colored strobe light.




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