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Stylish footwear by day and the ultimate party shoes by night! The soles of these incredible shoes glow brightly with replaceable lite sticks illuminating an amazing effect! Click image to get all the details of these unique shoes. Use for Dancing, Parties, Skateboarding, Biking, Jogging at night, Break Dancing, or anything!

Soul Fusion Videos: Clip1 | Clip2 | Clip3 | Clip4 | Clip5 | Clip6 | Clip7

Soul Fusion Pictures: Picture1 | Picture2 | Picture3

*Due to the extremely high demand for these shoes, even the manufacturer is out of stock. We will add the shoes and lightsticks back to the site soon as possible, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Soul Fusion Shoes are the one item we do not keep in stock.  They ship separately directly from the manufacturer in Florida.  We have been experiencing large difficulties regarding our orders from them, and they cannot provide us clear information about the status of orders.  They say this confusion will be cleared up after the holiday season.  We apologize for any delays this has caused.


Although we do not have Soul Fusion Shoes in stock any longer, we do have these cool flashing sandals!








4 Finger Lights

Disco Kit

Streetlight Multix

Big Color Wand

18" Black Light

Rave Balls

Light Rope

Orb Ball

Glow Hair Gel

Glow Sticks

LED Gas Mask

Furry Leg Warmers

Rave Gloves

Cyber Goggles



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