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Great gifts or teaching tools that encourage learning and make it fun!

levitation-spinner.jpg Levitation Spinner
Spin it and it "magically" levitates (ok ok, we's not real magic).
tornado-maker.jpg Tornado Maker
Has built in lightning and thunder sounds! Includes a 29 page Fun & Fact Booklet!
slime-time.jpg Slime Time
Comes with your own kitchen sink to create and store things in! Make super bubbles, rock candy, and more!
slime-science.jpg Slime Science
Create slimes with fun properties to explore-a slime that jiggles; a sticky ooze that can glue things together!
planet-mobile.jpg Glow in the Dark Planet Mobile
Scientifically accurate planet spheres are pre-painted in natural colors. Add glow to the dark paint for spectacular night viewing. It's
world-in-a-can.jpg Whole World in a Can - Inflatable Globe
That's right, we stuffed the whole world into a can!
balloon-jet-racer.jpg Balloon Powered Jet Racer
Create your very own balloon powered cosmic jet racers and understand how they work using Sir Isaac Newton's principles of motion.
space-planetarium.jpg Space Theater Planetarium
At last - a home planetarium that projects detailed, scientifically accurate view of the ever changing night sky!
solar-energy-kit.jpg Solar Energy Learning Kit
Includes a 5" solar cell module, DC motor, four turntables, three colored spinner discs, 2 1/4" fan, airplance, bird images and instructions.
bottle-catamaran.jpg Bottle Catamaran Kit
Add two 1-liter bottles to the contents of this kit and make a 10" x 9 1/4" catamaran.
top-generator.jpg Spinning Top Generator
Learn about electromagnetism as you build this 4 1/4" diameter generator that powers a mini light bulb.
smart-robot-science.jpg Smart Robot Science Kit
Build a smart robot that changes direction when it encounters an obstacle.
ufo-solar-balloon.jpg Solar Balloon UFO
Fill the 10 foot long black balloon with air, add sunlight and watch it rise!
young-architect-kit.jpg Young Architect Architecture Kit
Build your own 3-D architectural models just like real architects do!
animation-praxinoscope.jpg Animation Praxinoscope Kit
Build a replica of an animation machine first invented 170 years ago with this cool kit!
human-anatomy-model.jpg Know Your Anatomy Model
You'll learn from the inside out about the major organs and systems that make up your body.
brush-robot.jpg Brush Robot Kit
A robot that scuttles along on a brush. It's powered by rapid vibrations from its motor.
clean-water.jpg Clean Water Science Kit
This personal desalination kit demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water.
doodling-robot.jpg Doodling Robot Kit
Build a robot that's an artist! Doodle robot's motor makes it shake and spin to draw spectacular patterns on paper.
weather-station.jpg Weather Station Kit
Learn about your climate while tracking weather changes and conducting experiments on the greenhouse effect.