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This section can help turn up the volume of your next party...right out of the box.

essential-light-pack.jpg Essential Light Pack
Get Your Party Started! Instant lighting package Includes: 1 Multi-Flower, 1 Color Splash, 1 Beamer
mobile-effects-pack.jpg Mobile Effects Pack
Get Your Party Started! Includes 2 Light Savers, 1 Cosmic, 1 Dual Gem, 1 Groove Wheel, 1 Electra II
party-pack-5.jpg Lighting Party Package 5 Piece
Lighting Party Package has 4x Gazer, 1x T4 controller, and 1x LTS-6 Tripod Stand.




4 Finger Lights

Disco Kit

Streetlight Multix

Big Color Wand

18" Black Light

Rave Balls

Light Rope

Orb Ball

Glow Hair Gel

Glow Sticks

LED Gas Mask

Furry Leg Warmers

Rave Gloves

Cyber Goggles



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