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Looking for: Vendors! Clearance sale! LED Items - Cups, Necklaces, Jump Ropes, Animal Hats, Bubble Guns, Glow sticks, Magic Mitts! selling for cheap! Great Carnival Prizes! Please send message.


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This section can help turn up the volume of your next party...right out of the box.

essential-light-pack.jpg Essential Light Pack
Get Your Party Started! Instant lighting package Includes: 1 Multi-Flower, 1 Color Splash, 1 Beamer
mobile-effects-pack.jpg Mobile Effects Pack
Get Your Party Started! Includes 2 Light Savers, 1 Cosmic, 1 Dual Gem, 1 Groove Wheel, 1 Electra II
party-pack-5.jpg Lighting Party Package 5 Piece
Lighting Party Package has 4x Gazer, 1x T4 controller, and 1x LTS-6 Tripod Stand.