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It's unfortunate but many products can no longer be sold because the item was discontinued or no longer manufactured. This is our tribute to the products that are long gone, but were offered on HouseOfRave in the past. None of these products are still for sale at HouseOfRave.

light-tunnel-wand.gif Tunnel Light Wand
Press a button and watch the infinite light show begin!
lava-black-light.jpg Lava Black Light Lamp
14.5" tall black light lamp with purple base and cap.
spinners/light-saber-staff-small.gif LED Light Saber Staff
Two lighted staffs join together in under three seconds to become a cool, multi-function light saber or spinning staff!
spinners/led-poi-swings.gif Multi-Colored LED Poi Swings OOS
This cosmic multi-colored version of our standard twirling poi appeals leaves multi-colored trails across the night sky!
bubble-gears-cranker.jpg Bubble Cranker
Load the 4 oz bottle of bubbles into the Bubble Cranker for a huge stream of bubbles!
bubble-monkey-small.jpg Bubble Monkey
BUBBLE MONKEY!! He blows bubbles out his mouth!
battery/super-light-fingers-small.gif Super Light Fingers
This amazing hand light uses 5 different color super-bright LEDs (including a blacklight!) that strobe, fade, and pulsate through 23 selectable light shows!
bubble-machines/double-bubble.jpg Double Bubbler
The motorized fan sends streams of bubbles from the double-bubble tip.
bubble-fan-bubblator.jpg Bubble Fan Bubblator
No blowing necessary! Just dip Bubble Fan Bubblator in solution and push the button to activate the fan.
any-light-strobe.gif Make Any Light A Strobe Light!
Turn any lamp or light source into a strobe light! Simply to use, portable and great for projects, theater or parties.
strobe-lights/led-color-mini-strobe.jpg Color LED Mini Strobe Light
Get the party started in your room or house with the newest thing in strobe technoloy, LED colored lights!
Mini Macer
clip-light.jpg Portable Clip Light
Clip it..stand it...swivel it...LIGHT IT.
color-lightwand.gif Color Lightwand
This amazing light wand swirls through every major color of the rainbow and thousands of colors in between!
battery/micro-lightwand.gif Micro Lightwand (out of stock)
Easily select color washes, random color changes, fixed colors, or strobe effects simply by pushing the button!
laser/laserpod.jpg Laserpod Lightshow (out of stock)
Create amazing laser shows right in your own home (or club)!
blacklight/high-intensity-black-light.jpg High Intensity 125W Blacklight (DISCONTINUED)
"For those times when you absolutely, positively have to cast a blacklight on EVERYTHING in the room..."
bubble-machines/turbo-bubble.jpg Instant Turbo Bubbles
This easy to use, portable bubble machine creates up to 500 bubbles in 60 seconds!
bubble-machines/bubble-flyer2.jpg Bubble Flyer
Just dip and zip! Launch the flyer and watch it make bubbles as it flies.
bubble-football.jpg Bubble Trail Football
Twist, dip and rip! Launch this foam football bubbler into the air to create a trail of bubbles.
pois-big.jpg Multi-Colored Poi Swings
Three products in one: ball poi, flag poi and short poi!