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Magic Lock Box

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We’re kind of embarrassed right now. We read on the box that the Magic Lock Box can’t be opened without the secret and being the smartasses we are, didn’t pay attention. We were very wrong.

Watch the HouseOfRave Lock Box Video:

Everyone around the office was trying like CRAZY to open this damn thing without looking at the instructions! We can firmly attest that this magic trick is really cool and really works. Unless your audience has a sledge hammer waiting, they are NOT going to open this box.

You can ask a volunteer to slip a $100 bill in the box and ask them to get it out….12 hours later they will still be scratching their head trying to figure it out! It SEEMS SO SIMPLE because it’s clear and you can see every angle of the box, but it just cannot be opened... ....until YOU give it a shot.

Once you read the instructions on how to open it, the box pops open very easily. EVEN after seeing how to open it, the audience still won’t figure it out! This is a great trick that can be incorporated into even medium and advanced level magic routines…..or you can use it as one hell of a good joke to steal $100 from someone!







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