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    Everyone loves to play, and here at HouseOfRave we offer play things that are all lighted.

    lighted-play-stuff/led-lightup-frisbee.jpg LED Frisbee Light Up Disc
    Includes everything you need for you and a friend to play at night! One super bright LED Frisbee disc to light up the night sky.
    led-tamorine.jpg L.E.D. Lighted Tambourine
    Radiantly rhythmic! Simply pull a tab to ignite a series of flashing multi-color light patterns.
    mesh squishy ball.jpg 12pk Neon Mesh Squishy Ball (1 Dozen)
    Glow In Dark Moon Blaster.jpg Glow In Dark Moon Blaster
    SMALL-Led Transparent Bubble Gun.jpg Led Transparent Bubble Gun
    Lights, bubbles, action! Attach the bubble container to the bottom of the gun and fire away for a luminous barrage of bubbles accompanied by bright LED lights.
    led-bubble-gun.jpg LED Bubble Gun
    Lights, bubbles, action!
    SMALL-led magic flashing ball.jpg Led Magic Flashing Ball
    This magic ball wand is truly a ball, providing a mesmerizing display of color and light.
    k9-ball.gif L.E.D. Lighted Dog/Human Ball
    Originally used as a dog ball, but then we found out us humans like playing with it even more!!
    octo-yoyo.jpg Octo Yo-Yo Lightup
    This is one of those toys that doesn't seem to be of any use, but you just can't put it down.
    bike-spoke-light.jpg Bike Spoke Light LED Lightshow
    Take the RAVE ON THE ROAD with this color changing LED lightshow that goes on your bike spokes. A life-saving device...
    lighted-play-stuff/glowing-frisbee.jpg Glow in the Dark Frisbee
    With the Spring/Summer evenings getting longer and longer, you can now enjoy throwing your Frisbee after dark!
    glow-transform-ball.jpg Glow Transform Ball
    Simply charge the Glow Transform Ball under a bright light for a few moments, then get ready to throw a disc and catch a ball at night!
    lighted-play-stuff/led-lightup-frisbee.jpg LED Lightup Frisbee (175 Grams)
    The LED Lightup Frisbee Disc has been balanced for the long throw, designed in the regulation weight of 175 grams.
    lighted-play-stuff/led-lightup-ultimate-frisbee.jpg LED Lightup Ultimate Frisbee (185 Grams)
    A 185 gram disc that flies true and at long distances. The best part is the lights can be seen up to 2 miles away!
    growler-disc.jpg L.E.D. Dog Frisbee
    Designed just for dogs, all the electronics are encased in a chew resistant, Dawg-Safe housing.
    lighted-play-stuff/glow-ball.jpg Inflatable Glow Ball
    Squeezable, bounceable balls that are easy to catch and throw. Inflate to 9 inches in diameter and glow in the dark.
    lighted-play-stuff/water-misting-fan.jpg Water Misting Fan
    The portable Deluxe Water Misting Fan is within easy reach. Push the button and the transparent fan blades provide a chilling cool breeze.
    lighted-play-stuff/flexible-clip-fan.jpg Flexible Clip Fan
    This small, yet powerful clip flex fan is perfect in any room of the house. It has soft, safety foam blades and a strong clamp to hold it securely in place on most surfaces.
    lighted-play-stuff/squeeze-breeze.jpg Squeeze Breeze Misting Fan
    The original Squeeze Breeze Personal Misting Fan is the #1 selling misting fan in the U.S.!
    mist-bottle.jpg Mist & Sip Bottle
    With the sleek design, drinking AND misting capabilities and comfortable elastic strap, no other bottle stands a chance!
    5-inch-fan.jpg 5" Portable Desktop Fan
    A small but powerful (and portable) fan that provides instant relief on hot days.
    holographic-yoyo.jpg Holographic Spark YoYo
    Wind this yo-yo with its laser-etched fins and it produces a brilliant show of color and sound as it changes shape!
    space-flyer-kit.jpg Rubber Band Flyer Kit
    Turn a pair of ordinary discs into a spaceship shaped flyer.
    rubber-band-ball.jpg Rubber Band Orbit Ball Kit
    Make your own ball for hours of bouncing fun!
    rubber-band-football.jpg Rubber Band Football Kit
    Start with a 4" foam football and wrap it with rubber bands until completely covered.
    jax-set.jpg Jumbo Jax
    Quality plastic Jumbo Jax with a shiny metallic finish.
    lightup-tentacle-ball.jpg L.E.D Tentacle Ball
    Transparent tentacles added to the outside for the extra tactile effect.
    sphaggeti-ball.jpg Glow Spaghetti Ball
    The sensation of the "noodles" dripping through your fingers is devine… probably one of the most tactile toys ever produced.
    lightup-spin-top.jpg Lightup Stunt Top
    We put our 32 pattern LED chip inside the Stunt Top to create a pulsing, color changing top that will impress even the stodgiest of toy impresarios.
    lightshow-clip-fan.jpg Light Show Clip Fan
    Cool breeze, or cool breeze AND a cool lightshow?? Your choice!
    play-doh-box.jpg Play-Doh Color Case
    10 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound provide endless possibilities for creative, colorful fun!
    ball-flyer.jpg LED Ball Flyer
    Lights up with every squeeze and flies just like a Frisbee.
    color-morphing-ball.jpg Color Morphing Crazy Bounce Ball
    It slowly changes color as it bounces along.
    mini-clackerz.jpg Mini Clackerz
    Squeeze hard in the middle and activate the awesome light up effect!!
    lightup-yoyo.jpg LightUp Yo Yo
    This automatic clutch yo you has brilliant LED lights.
    woolly-worm.jpg Wooly Worm
    Tap these wooly worms and watch them light up!
    beach-safe.jpg Beach Safe - All In One
    Whistle, compass, and valuables compartment in one streamline design.
    silly-rubber-bandz.jpg Shapped Rubber Bandz
    Use as regular rubber bands, but when you take them off, they return to their original shapes. Lotsa styles!
    glow-in-the-darkbands.jpg GLOW Shapped Rubber Bandz
    Glow in the dark rubber bands bands formed in animal, car and fun themed shapes.
    puff-yo-yo.jpg Lightup Spikey Yo-Yo Ball (1 Dozen)
    Each two-tone ball has a "yo-activated" flashing light inside. Sold by the dozen
    led-light-saber.gif LED Light Saber
    Display your Jedi skills with the LED 7 function Light Saber.
    led-expand-double-sword.jpg LED Expandable Sword
    This multi function LED expandable sword will blow your opponent away!
    punch-ball-green.jpg Punch Balls
    Hours of fun, excellent for party favors, anyone will be entertained with a punch ball.
    battery/led_spinning_ratchet.gif LED Spinning Ratchet
    Just twirl this ratchet at any angle you want and make huge circles of multi-color lights that look simply amazing!!
    pump-water-gun.jpg Pump Water Gun
    Cool down with this hot item. The pump water gun is perfect for summer fun!
    space-pack-water-gun.jpg Space Pack Water Blaster
    Carry your H2o ammunition on your back with this well equipped water blaster.
    laser-ball1.jpg LED Robot Laser Ball
    Have a blast with this roaming rotating LED laser ball.




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    Rave Balls

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    Orb Ball

    Glow Hair Gel

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    LED Gas Mask

    Furry Leg Warmers

    Rave Gloves

    Cyber Goggles



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