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    Rave Gloves | LED Gloves 

    Light up the night in style with our popular rave gloves! From our cheap pre-wired LED gloves, to value
    Light show Gloves
    and Tripz professional rave glove sets. So don't delay, brighten your night with a glove
    set today!


    prewire-rave-gloves.jpg Black with White Tips LED Gloves (7 mode)
    Press one button on these LED gloves and your fingertips LIGHT UP in a crazy light show...complete with morphing colors.
    Cherrybombsmall.jpg Cherry Bomb - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Cherry Bomb Tripz LED Gloves: A fantastic display of reds, yellows, pinks, and whites, in strobe and/or ribbon lights, and your choice of gloves!
    BWG - Xfusion2.jpg Wizard (BWG) X-Fusion- Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    These BWG Xfusion rave gloves are incredible. They will slowly blend from blue, white and green giving an incredible light show! Buy these rave gloves today!
    magicmitts.jpg Magic Mitt Rave Gloves - Multiple Choices
    $12.99 $9.99 On Sale!
    Magic Mitts Rave gloves with multiple choices of LED colors. These are our most popular rave gloves.
    7 color-small.jpeg 7 Color Rave Gloves
    $14.99 $12.99 On Sale!
    Color changing rave lights that switch between 7 different neon colors make for an incredible pair of rave gloves!
    rainbowroll-small.jpeg Rainbow Roll Rave Glove Set
    A fantastically colorful rave glove set at an even more fantastic price. We have loads of customer who buy these rave gloves due to their wide spectrum of colors!
    cookiemonster-small.jpeg Cookie Monster LED Gloves
    These LED Gloves are inspired by the infamous Cookie Monster.
    TearDrop-small.jpeg Tear Drop LED Gloveset
    Classic and cool mix of lights. A cool gloveset at a cool low price =)
    fire-ice-small.jpeg Fire and Ice LED Gloveset
    Dazzle your eyes with this dazzling complimentary color combinations of both warm and cool tones.
    kittyflip-small.jpeg Kitty Flip LED Gloveset
    Another great gloveset. Purple UV and orange/yellow LEDs, a great look, a better price.
    Hollywood (PiYG) small.jpeg Hollywood (PiYG) X-fusion -Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    Welcome to Hollyweird!
    Teleport (PiOG) small.jpeg Teleport (PiOG) -Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    Teleport to another place in time with this stunning, color changing, glove set!
    Nibiru (PiBG) small.jpeg Nibiru (PiBG) X-fusion -Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    Spinning in space, entranced by a colorful dance from planet x!
    afterglowbywsmall.jpg Afterglow (BYW) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Afterglow Tripz Professional Gloveset: Like California mornings driving down pacific highway on the way home from an all-night party: blues like the ocean, yellow of the sand, and white like the clouds. A beautiful and serene gloveset!
    anomalysmall.jpg Anomaly (PuRB) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Anomaly Tripz Professional Gloveset: Visualizations from a trippy adventure in the unknown.
    fairytalesmall.jpg Fairy Tale - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Fairy Tale Tripz Professional Gloveset: Lightshows that build beautiful neon castles in the sky!
    candyheartsmall.jpg Candy Heart (PiR) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Candy Heart Tripz Professional Gloveset: Firey sweet colors illuminate before your eyes to reveal a wonderful light show experience!
    miragesmall.jpg Mirage (RY) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Mirage Tripz Professional Gloveset: A sandstorm of magical color to blow everyone away!
    skyfallsmall.jpg Sky Fall (BW) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Sky Fall Tripz Professional Gloveset: Beautiful blue and white lights to write the story to your amazing party nights!
    aquaticcomasmall.jpg Aquatic Coma (BWG) - Tripz Pro Gloveset
    The Aquatic Coma Tripz Professional Gloveset: Like the siren's song, these lights are impossible to stop looking at! Like drowning in a sea of beautiful lights, incapable of moving.
    bubblegumsupremacysmall.jpg Bubblegum Supremacy (PiBG) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Bubblegum Supremacy Tripz Professional Gloveset: Perfect for any party or rave, anytime!
    Royaltysmall.jpg Royalty (PiPuB) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Royalty Tripz Professional Gloveset: Pink, UV purple, and blue mix to make one of the coolest glovesets by Tripz.
    watermelonsmall.jpg Watermelon (GPi) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Watermelon Tripz Professional Gloveset: Green and pink like your favorite summer treat!
    cottoncandy.jpg Cotton Candy (PiW) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Cotton Candy Tripz Professional Gloveset: Pink and white, pretty and sweet.
    nightlife.jpg Nightlife (PiRB) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Nightlife Tripz Professional Gloveset: A wild and attention grabbing gloveset!
    PiYB Set - Dreamscape - Mixed7.jpg Dreamscape (PiYB) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Dreamscape Tripz Professional Gloveset: So cool you'll think you're dreaming!
    abduction.jpg Abduction (PuWG) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Abduction Tripz Professional Gloveset: Take a trip into outer space!
    RGB Set - Carnival - Mixed4.jpg Carnival (RGB) - Tripz Pro Gloveset
    The Carnival Tripz Professional Gloveset: Turn the sky into a wildly illuminanted circus of lights.
    mardigras.jpg Mardi Gras (PuYG) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Mardi Gras Tripz Professional Gloveset: Any day is a party with this gloveset!
    rasta.jpg Rasta (RYG) - Tripz Pro LED Gloveset
    The Rasta Tripz Professional Gloveset: It's cool, man.




    4 Finger Lights

    Disco Kit

    Streetlight Multix

    Big Color Wand

    18" Black Light

    Rave Balls

    Light Rope

    Orb Ball

    Glow Hair Gel

    Glow Sticks

    LED Gas Mask

    Furry Leg Warmers

    Rave Gloves

    Cyber Goggles



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