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Keychains, wallet chains, dogtags and other cool keychains for your body, keys or gear.

keychain/coiled-keychain.jpg Coiled Colorful Keychain
Flexible multi-colored 5" coil extends two feet. Securely fastens to belt loop or handbag. Comes with metal clip and key ring. Premium quality!
keychain/keychain-vial.jpg Keychain With Vial
Stainless steel keychain with discreet vial.
keychain/leash-keychain.jpg Retractable Leash Keychain
1.5" diameter of the circle. A little over a yard for the string (or 38" to be exact).
keychain/ultra-uv-keychain.jpg UV Spikey Keychain
Cool spikey keychains that glow under UV light!
battery/photon-light-1.jpg Photon Micro Light 1
The Photon light that started it all! No frills and extra thrills, this thing just works. Squeeze on & off.
laser/laser-camera-keychain.jpg Laser Pointer Camera Keychain
Looks like a miniature camera, but is actually a laser pointer. Great little addition to your keychain!
laser/laser-pointer.jpg Red Laser Pointer Keychain
"DON'T POINT" your mother always said....well go right ahead with this super bright keychain laser pointer!