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Happy Camper Light Stick

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This light is one of the toughest, brightest and most useful lights ever at HouseOfRave.  The cool thing is you can take the enclosed high intensity micro light out of the tube for use as an incredibly bright L.E.D. keychain! In addition to our regular customers loving these, we get large orders from the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force for use in the field and training.  These are extremely durable (and can be taken underwater up to 1,000 ft. deep) and serve a wide variety of uses.

These Happy Camper Light Sticks have a Full Brightness mode, Low Brightness mode and a Strobe Mode.  This makes them very fun and handy for many situations: 

Watch the HouseOfRave Happy Camper Light Stick Video:

There are two parts to the Happy Camper Light Stick: The Poly-Carbonite housing and the high intensity L.E.D. Micro Light. You can take out the micro light and use it as a keychain (it even comes with a bonus metal clip for your key ring)!  Simply slip the micro light inside and close the waterproof cap:

No moving parts make these unbelievably sturdy and durable. When turned off they look like this:

The entire body is 8" long and comes with a strong, adjustable nylon lanyard:

These are INCREDIBLY BRIGHT at night, so they definitely light up your path! We know many people who use these instead of flashlights for trails at night.  We also have been told by some diving buddies these are the only thing they use on night dives:

Another cool feature is they float with an almost neutral buoyancy, so they don't shoot straight up to the surface immediately.  They float and can be submersed in water for days without damage.  Checkout how bright they lit up the bathtub!

While they serve great in military and industrial uses (many construction workers wear these for safety), they can also be used for fun at raves or clubs!  With just the included lanyard we took some cool photos:

This is why we love these Happy Camper L.E.D. lights, they can be used for so many different purposes.  We've used them at parties as well as going camping, and even in a power outage.

Happy Camper Light Stick Features:

  • 3 functions: High Power, Low Power, Strobe Signal Mode
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Floats / Submersible - Depth rated to 1000 feet (300m)
  • One mile visibility
  • Use as Signal marker, Spot Beam, Beacon and more
  • Available in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, White

This is a very cool product and all of us here at HouseOfRave know you will love it.  We've priced them at a very affordable price and have had an extremely high customer satisfaction rating on these!


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