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These are all fireworks which are safe to use year round. Use for surprise parties, New Year's and other celebrations!

heart-sparklers.jpg Heart Sparklers
Designed specifically for weddings and romantic celebrations!
fireworks/gold-sparklers.jpg 7 Inch Gold Sparklers
6 Sparklers (#8 Gold) in each Box. Sparkler Fireworks, an American Tradition. Each Sparkler is 6 3/4" long. Sold by each box.
10-inch-gold-sparklers.jpg 10 Inch Gold Sparklers
Package of 10 inch gold sparklers that sparkle bright for 45 seconds.
20-inch-sparklers.jpg 20 Inch Gold Sparklers
20 inch gold sparkler on metal wire, lasts up to 1 1/2 minutes. Now in attractive new packaging for parties and weddings!
36-inch-sparklers.jpg 36 Inch Gold Sparklers (144 pieces)
36 inch gold sparkler on metal wire, lasts up to THREE MINUTES AND FIFTEEN SECONDS!! Case quantity only.
birthday-sparklers.jpg Birthday Cake Sparklers
Big Birthday Cake Sparklers are also called ice fountains, smokeless fireworks, or cold-flame fireworks.
fireworks/cap-bomb.jpg Cap Bomb
While playing with the Cap Bomb, we found out it's WAY louder than we expected. In fact watch the video and you can hear a friend get angry at how loud the blast was!
pulling-trick-firework.jpg Pulling POP Fireworks
Pull the two strings apart and :::!BAAAM!::: the firework in the middle goes off.
cap-gun.jpg Cap Gun
This 8.5 inch 6-shooter cap gun has a die-cast barrel with plastic wood-grain grip.
hand-blasters1.jpg Hand Blasters
Explodes safely in your hand. Good for more than 400 blasts!
fireworks/pop-gun.jpg Gun Pops
Single hand operation. Pull trigger on paper gun and confetti streamers shoot out!
fireworks/smoke-balls.jpg Color Smoke Balls (12-Pack)
Light the fuse and brightly colored smoke pours out! Great attention getters! Pack of 12.
fireworks/color-snakes.jpg Colored Smoke Snakes
Black ash grows into a snake shape with color smoke! 6 Magic Colored Snakes in each pack.
fireworks/george-washington-fireworks.jpg George Washington Fireworks Set
"Each George Washington Safe Fireworks Assortment pack includes: 6 party poppers, 2 packs of bang snappers and 2 packs of joker strings."
fireworks/party-poppers.jpg Party Poppers
This item is really a BLAST! Point in the air, pull the string, and watch the streamers fly.
wedding-poppers.jpg Wedding Poppers
Pull string and ::BANG:: the confetti strings come streaming out!
fireworks/pop-pops.jpg Pop Pop Snappers
POP! POP! SNAPPERS! A Novel Trick Item! Trick Noise Makers! Bang drop it! Throw it! Step on it! Snap It! For outdoor fun.