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    We've got unique, decorative lamps to spice up your living space or decorate for your next party. These fashionable and funky lamps go well with the HouseOfRave philosophy: Brighten up your night!

    mini-plasma-lamp.jpg Mini Plasma Lamp
    Blending specially formulated inert gases, the Plasma Ball Lamp creates a dramatic display of light inside a hand-blown glass sphere!
    lightning-clock.jpg Lightning Clock
    Has the ability to wake you to the sound of light!
    lamps/sculptured-plasma-lamps2.jpg Sculptured Swirl Plasma Lamp
    These awesome light sculptures feature ever-changing arcs of lightning passed through an invisible formula of inert gases for a truly spectacular effect!
    lamps/brain-electra-lamp.jpg Plasma Lamp - Brain
    Electric charge passing through a hand-blown glass brain hypnotizes you with an amazing lightning show!
    lamps/electra-disc.jpg Plasma Lamp - Disc
    Electric charges passing through a hand-blown glass disc hypnotizes you with an amazing light show!
    lamps/moai-lamp.jpg Plasma Lamp - Moai Head
    The Mini Moai Electra is a perfect addition to a Hawaiian or tropical theme!
    lamps/plasma-bat.jpg Plasma Lamp - Plasma Bat
    Watch as brilliant plasma beams twist and turn like electric serpents, dancing around an illuminated bat!
    lamps/creative-lava-lamp.jpg Lava Lamp - Creative Motion
    Each Creative Motion Lamp will mesmerize you for hours with the constant motion and interaction of hot oil and wax!
    lamps/8oz-lava-lamp.jpg Lava Lamp - Accent Motion
    Each Accent motion lamp stands 10 inches tall, yet has the same appeal and charm of its larger siblings.
    lamps/glitter-lava-lamp.jpg Lava Lamp - Glitter Lamp
    Each Accent glitter lamp stands 10 inches tall, yet has the same appeal and charm of its larger siblings.
    lamps/lava-lamp-glitter-table.jpg Lava Lamp - Glitter Table Lamp
    The sleek, sophisticated design incorporates a slender, fluid-filled column that illuminates shimmering LAVA glitter action!
    lamps/lava-lamp-table.jpg Lava Lamp - Motion Table Lamp
    With 3 light setting options, you can set the mood with traditional lighting, column lighting or combine the two together!
    lava-glitter-lamp.jpg Lava Glitter Lamp
    Flip the switch and watch the glitter endlessly float around the lamp.
    lamps/carry-out-lamps.jpg Lamp - Carry-Out Chinese
    People all over recognize the Chinese food take-out package. We have turned this cultural icon into a lamp that adds a bit of fun to any decor!
    lamps/cocktail-shaker-lamp.jpg Lamp - Cocktail Shaker + Shade
    Beverage recipes cover the shade, adding whimsy and interest to this retro-styled lamp!
    lamps/martini-lamp.jpg Lamp - Martini and Olive
    The Martini Lamp features a sturdy frame, oversized plastic olive, giant wooden toothpick, and deep red pimento bulb that provides a mesmerizing martini-suggestive glow!
    lamps/sailboat-lamp.jpg Lamp - Sailboat Lighting
    Use reflective light to illuminate your room with the Sailboat lamp!
    lamps/white-glass-lamp.jpg Lamp - White Glass
    Frosted glass 10" shaded table lamp looks extremely sleek and modern.
    crystal-fiber-lamp.jpg Crystal Fiber Optic Lamp
    White LED lights combine with clear crystal rocks in the base and white LED lights for the fiber optics.
    fiber-optic-centerpiece.jpg Lightup Fiber Optic Centerpiece
    $8.99 $6.99 On Sale!
    The Fiber Optic Strands expands a total of approximately 18" in length and 12" in height.
    8-inch-plasma-ball.jpg 8" Plasma Ball
    A sweet 8" plasma ball to light up the room!
    lava-plasma.jpg Lava Plasma Lamp
    14.5" tall Lava Plasma Lamp with dark blue base and cap.
    guitar-neon-lamp.jpg Guitar Neon Sign Lamp
    Set the mood with this neon lamp. Guitar lights up pink and blue.
    flower-neon-lamp.jpg Flower Neon Sign Lamp
    Set the mood with this neon lamp. Flower lights up pink and green.
    palm-neon-lamp.jpg Palm Tree Neon Sign Lamp
    Set the mood with this neon lamp. Palm tree lights up yellow and green.
    ufo-light-1.jpg Alien UFO Light
    This revolving disco ball is shaped like a UFO, and provides hours of unidentified flying fun.




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    Big Color Wand

    18" Black Light

    Rave Balls

    Light Rope

    Orb Ball

    Glow Hair Gel

    Glow Sticks

    LED Gas Mask

    Furry Leg Warmers

    Rave Gloves

    Cyber Goggles



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