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Looking for: Vendors! Clearance sale! LED Items - Cups, Necklaces, Jump Ropes, Animal Hats, Bubble Guns, Glow sticks, Magic Mitts! selling for cheap! Great Carnival Prizes! Please send message.


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Bar Supplies

Glowing and light-up barware for your next glow party
Batteries for all different types of devices
Battery Operated
Light wands, light sticks, glow fiber, glowing glasses, LED lights
Black Light Room
Black Lights and black light accessories
Body Lights
Flashing belly lights, magnetic body lights, flashing earrings, extra batteries
Raver beads, wooden beads, ball-chain, candy bracelets
Burning Man
Burning Man lights, accessories and safety products
Need we say more?  Yumm!!!
A whole gift section for Christmas or year-round
Costume Accessories
Spruce up that costume with these wacky ideas
Creative Kits
Creative kits which are great for fun, education or gifts
Stuff to spruce up your pad!
DJ Equipment
Professional DJ Equipment that will have a party hopping
Disco Balls
Science has proven that Disco Balls make any party 10 times better and more fun!
DVD's and VHS Videos
DVD's and Videos of your favorite DJ's
Safe fireworks for all occasions
4th of July
Products to make your 4th of July party a success
Gadgets which make for great fun and great gifts!
Glow Sticks
From 1 1/2" to 15" glowsticks in the section.
Glow Candles
Glowing candles make a great decoration or gift
Glowing Items
Glowy stuff, glow shapes, streetlights and more
Hair Color
Temporary and permanent hair color
Fun Halloween decorations, costumes and supplies
All kinds of hats, crazy hats, light-up hats, beanies, bucket hats and visors.
Hoberman Toys
Assortment of the popular Hoberman Spheres
Key Chains
Ball-chain, wallet-chains, light up key chains
Decorative lamps for your living space or next party.
Laser/lighters, high powered lasers, changeable head lasers
Mardi Gras
Fun Mardi Gras supplies and costume accessories
Micro Lights
LED lights, Photon micro lights, 7-colored LED's, LED keychains
Battery powered necklaces will light up your night!
Neon Signs
Neon signs make a great decoration for any room
New Year's
Toast to the New Year in style!
Play Things
Light up stuff you can play with, even at night!
Spinners and Wands
Spinners that'll make your head spin while watching them!
St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day party supplies and costume decorations
Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos for all parts of the body
Valentine's Day
Fun party supplies and gifts for the big day
Zen Section
Desktop Zen for tranquility