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Bubble Machines

We're big fans of bubbles, and we've got everything from hand-held bubble blowers for taking to a party, to professional grade bubble machines to bubble-up your next party.


bubs1-2.jpg Portable Dual Powered Bubble Machine
This powerful party bubble machine can be run off batteries or 2 "C" batteries.
party-bubbles.jpg Party Bubbles (4 oz bottles)
Make any day more fun with these mini bubbles!
led-bubble-gun.jpg LED Bubble Gun
Lights, bubbles, action!
mini-fog-machine.jpg Mini Fog Machine
The Mini Fog Machine is perfect for house parties and smaller events (although 1,500 cubic feet per minute of fog....this can even handle some large jobs)!
double-bubble-output.jpg Double Bubble Power Output Machine
When you truly need the ULTIMATE in bubble output, let FOUR SEPARATE FANS handle it for you.
uv-blacklight-bubbles-01.jpg UV Blacklight Bubbles
Add excitement to any party, with these bubbles that glow under black light!
quart-of-bubbles.jpg 1 Quart Bubble Liquid
Just add to a bubble machine and get the party started. Contains one fluid quart.
bubble-machines/16oz-bubble-solution.jpg Bubble Liquid (16 oz.)
16oz. of bubble solution that can be used with all of our smaller bubble makers.
bubble-friends.jpg Bubble Friends - 8 Oz Bubbles
Eight ounces of superior-quality bubble solution guarantees lots of bubble fun!
party-fog-machine.jpg Party Fog Machine
This compact party fogger is a great way to add excitement to house parties and enhance your lighting effects.
dj-lighting/led-smoke-fogger.jpg LED Fog Machine
When you need to fog up your house for the full party effect you use a fogger, but this one takes it a step further by making the fogger itself part of the party decor!
super-bub.jpg Super Output Bubble Machine
The bubble machine generates a HUGE 3,500 cubic feet per minute!
bubble-machines/super-bubbler.jpg High Volume Bubbler
Ok, if you need A LOT OF FREAKIN BUBBLES, this is your machine. Great for larger venues.
bubble-machines/little-bubbler-machine.jpg The Little Bubbler
It's called the "Little Bubbler" but packs a BIG bubble punch!
small-mini-bubbler.jpg Mini Bubbler (Battery Powered)
This bubble machine will create a special scene at your party or event.
bubble-machines/turbo-bubbler.jpg Portable Turbo Bubbler
High output bubble machine sends streams of bubbles into the air to create an amazing stream of non-stop bubbles!
big-ole-bubbles-set.jpg Big Ole Bubbles Set
Add BIG fun to your summer with this Big Ole Bubble Set!
butterfly-bubbles.jpg Butterfly Bubble Set

Have fun outdoors and let the bubble fun begin with this full Butterfly Bubbles Set

bollie-bubbles.jpg Bollie Bubble Set
A critter-shapped bubble wand plus pan plus bubbles plus traditional wand...all in one pack!
bubble-machines/mega-bubbles.jpg Mega Bubbles
Amazing, Huge, Monstrous, Fantastic Bubbles! The world’s best giant bubble maker!
huge-bubbles-small.jpg Huge Bubbles Machine
This bubble maker creates a steady stream of truly HUGE bubbles!!
bubble-machines/bubble-gun.jpg Bubble Gun
"Lock & load the bubbles, pull the trigger and BAM. Bubbles!"
mini-bubble-blower-gun.jpg Mini Bubble Blower Gun
A lot of bubbles out of this little bubble gun! Bubbles "shoot" from each of the four rings on this mini bubble blower.
neon-bubble-stick.jpg Big Bubble Stick Wand
Dip into bubble solution to make big bubble fun!
champagne-bubbles.jpg Champagne Bubbles
These mini champagne bubbles are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or quinceanera.
bl-bubbles.jpg Blacklight Touchable Bubbles
These touchable bubbles glow under a black light!