Bubble Blower Machines at HouseOfRave.com

Contact: CyberpunkCS@gmail.com
Looking for: Vendors! Clearance sale! LED Items - Cups, Necklaces, Jump Ropes, Animal Hats, Bubble Guns, Glow sticks, Magic Mitts! selling for cheap! Great Carnival Prizes! Please send message.


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Bubble Machines

We're big fans of bubbles, and we've got everything from hand-held bubble blowers for taking to a party, to professional grade bubble machines to bubble-up your next party.


portable-bubble-machine-01.jpg Portable Battery Bubble Machine
This party bubble machine can be run off batteries or 2 "C" batteries.
party-bubbles-4oz-bottle-01.jpg Party Bubbles (4 oz bottles)
Make any day more fun with these mini bubbles!
bubble-gun-01.jpg LED Bubble Gun
Flashes lights while blowing bubbles, Great party item!
uv-blacklight-bubbles-01.jpg UV Blacklight Bubbles
These bubbles that glow under black light!
1qt-bubble-fluid-01.jpg 1 Quart Bubble Liquid
Just add to a bubble machine and get the party started.
64oz-bubble-fluid-01.jpg 64 oz. Bubble Solution
Use these bubbles for machines or bubble gun refills.
alien-bubble-gun-01.jpg Alien Bubble Gun
Alien gun bubble Gun, Great carnival prize!
small-bubble-machine-01.jpg Small Bubble Machine
Tank fills up to a capacity of 20 fl oz - plenty poppin'!
bubble-wand-assortment-01.jpg Bubble Wand Assortment
Flower shaped bubble wand assortment.
giant-bubble-maker-01.jpg Mega Bubbles
Amazing, Huge, Monstrous, Fantastic Bubbles! Add Big Fun to your Summer!
mini-bubble-blower-gun-01.jpg Mini Bubble Blower Gun
A lot of bubbles out of this little bubble gun! Bubbles "shoot" from each of the four rings
bl-bubbles.jpg Blacklight Touchable Bubbles
These touchable bubbles glow under a black light!