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    Looking to light up your next party going experience? Well you've reached the right place! Here we have a variety or toys and party essentials that will brighten your night!

    battery/rave-balls-small.gif Rave Balls (Color Changing)
    Rave Balls are the absolute perfect hand-held rave & club toy. Select any of 6 different colors or put them in changing mode. Awesome product!
    rave-gloves.jpg Rave Gloves - LED 10 Finger Set
    Millions of years of evolution and our fingers STILL don't light up. Hmmmpph.
    big-rainbow-orb.jpg Big Rainbow Orb (9.5")
    You said you wanted bigger. Here it is!
    battery/stringthing.gif Amazing String Thing with Blacklight
    Aim this fascinating colorful string in any direction and watch it curl, crawl, jump onto your hand, make shapes, and do other great tricks! Tons of fun in the club, home, or anywhere!
    battery/hackysack.gif Rainbow Orb Ball
    An awesome frosty ball that can manually become 7 different colors or automatically wash through them!
    double-spin-show.gif Double Sided Spin Show
    Enjoy this Hand-Held 2-Headed Light Show anywhere! Looks great in the day time and hypnotic at night!
    led-boomerang.jpg L.E.D. Lighted Boomerang
    Boomerand fun in the day or night!
    decor/cube.jpg The Mood Cube Light
    The ultimate mood lighting for your party, bedroom, camping, or anywhere! Selectable solid colors or place it in color-change mode for a swirl of multi-color light!
    battery/led-juggle-balls.gif LED Juggling Balls
    Awesome light up juggling balls that can swirl through colors, stay on color lock or flash.
    nova-spinner.gif Nova Spin Wand
    The dramatic color changing effects cannot be pictured. On/off button for continuous use without holding the button.
    light-show-stick.jpg The Lightshow Stick
    So easy to use, just switch The Lightshow Stick on and enjoy the show!
    accent-light-rope.gif Accent Light Rope
    A decorator's dream come true! 12 lights per string which you can make into room decorations or body decorations!
    color-changing-EGG.gif Color Changing EGG
    Super affordable and GREAT looking color changing egg that can be used for hundreds of purposes!
    battery/ultra-led-finger-lights.jpg LED Finger Lights (4 pack)
    This pack of 4 separate ultra-bright LED microlights slip easily on your fingers for an awesome effect!
    glowing/superstreetlight.gif Super Streetlights 2.2
    $15.00 $8.50 On Sale!
    These next generation Super Streetlights are basically digital glowsticks that you turn on/off and change flashing modes! Essenstial at clubs and raves!
    battery/message-fan-spinner.jpg Message Fan Spinner
    This "cool" fan will help cool you down in the club and communicate with your fellow clubbers!
    battery/pocket-plasma-clip-on.gif Pocket Plasma Clip-On
    This flat panel plasma disk is just like the big ones you see on sci-fi TV.
    Multicolor Police Beacon.jpg Multi Color LED Beacon
    A cool battery operated police-like beacon that also doubles as a unique low cost disco effect!
    party-police-beacon.gif Party Police Beacon
    An AWESOME battery operated police-like beacon that's fantastic for party tables where electrical outlets are not available.
    decor/lightcubes.gif Lightcubes (4 Pack)
    Stick these cubes in your drink and be dazzled by their amazing bright colors! The ultimate party favor or attention-getter at the club. Keep your drinks cool in style. Sold in packs of 4, a purchase of (2) will get you 8 cubes!
    light-clapper.jpg Light Clapper (1 Dozen)
    The Light Clapper has three hands that when moved back and forth clap together making lots of noise!
    infinity-tunnel-necklace.gif Tunnel Necklace
    High-powered multicolor LEDs reflect off the inner mirrors to create a dazzling infinite tunnel that looks like a tunnel through your body!
    led-tamorine.jpg L.E.D. Lighted Tambourine
    Radiantly rhythmic! Simply pull a tab to ignite a series of flashing multi-color light patterns.
    lightup-pacifier.jpg Light Up Pacifier
    This light-up pacifier is sure to put some vivid color on your kisser.
    fiberopticfingerlights.jpg Fiber Optic Finger Lights (4 Pack)
    Like our ever popular finger lights but with fiber optic attachments!
    SMALL-flashingtunnelnecklace.jpg Flashing Tunnel Necklace
    A mesmerizing study in visual ingenuity and design. Masterful manipulation of the necklace’s lens produces a tunnel effect!
    SMALL-flashing tunnel star necklace.jpg Flashing Tunnel Star Necklace
    A mesmerizing study in visual ingenuity and design. Masterful manipulation of the necklace’s lens produces a tunnel effect inside of a star.
    SMALL-strobing led ring.png Strobing Led Ring
    A mesmerizing visual effect is just a touch away. Pressing a button on the inside of the ring produces a spinning barrage of multi-color light.
    SMALL-Led Transparent Bubble Gun.jpg Led Transparent Bubble Gun
    Lights, bubbles, action! Attach the bubble container to the bottom of the gun and fire away for a luminous barrage of bubbles accompanied by bright LED lights.
    led-bubble-gun.jpg LED Bubble Gun
    Lights, bubbles, action!
    SMALL-led magic flashing ball.jpg Led Magic Flashing Ball
    This magic ball wand is truly a ball, providing a mesmerizing display of color and light.
    battery/fiber-optic-light-fingers-small.jpg Fiber Optic Finger Lights Set
    Create a lightshow with just your finger tips! Detach the fiber optic attachments and you've got a cool finger light.
    plasma-ball-lamp.jpg Plasma Ball Lamp
    Blending specially formulated inert gases, the Plasma Ball Lamp creates a dramatic display of light inside a hand-blown glass sphere!
    skyliner-message.jpg Skyliner Message Writer (2-Color)
    Whatever you want to SHOUT can be seen by EVERYONE in a 360 degree radius. Beat THAT loud-mouth.
    pocket-morpher.jpg Pocket Morpher (Premium)
    The Pocket Morpher (Premium) can be used to dance with, help in falling asleep or used in centerpiece displays...very versatile product!
    disco-glide-ball.jpg Disco Glide Ball
    Activate the light in this glide gall with a tap and watch the light shine through the colorful openings!
    tunnel-love-heart.jpg Tunnel Love Heart
    Awesome heart shaped tunnel necklace with 6 different light modes. Super bright and attention catching!
    led-arm-band.jpg L.E.D. Arm Band
    $16.50 $14.74 On Sale!
    Be Seen & Be Safe! Be seen - with Red L.E.D. Flash or Glow Illumination. Adjustable Elastic strap with quick-release buckle.
    flashing-ball.jpg Flashing String Ball
    Flashing lights are activated for 10-15 seconds with each bounce.
    ball-flyer.jpg LED Ball Flyer
    Lights up with every squeeze and flies just like a Frisbee.
    color-morphing-ball.jpg Color Morphing Crazy Bounce Ball
    It slowly changes color as it bounces along.
    mini-clackerz.jpg Mini Clackerz
    Squeeze hard in the middle and activate the awesome light up effect!!
    lightup-tentacle-ball.jpg L.E.D Tentacle Ball
    Transparent tentacles added to the outside for the extra tactile effect.
    light-baton.jpg Light Baton
    3-Modes of bright flashing lights, you can't beat the price for a full 12" of lightup space!
    lightup-yoyo.jpg LightUp Yo Yo
    This automatic clutch yo you has brilliant LED lights.
    woolly-worm.jpg Wooly Worm
    Tap these wooly worms and watch them light up!
    octo-yoyo.jpg Octo Yo-Yo Lightup
    This is one of those toys that doesn't seem to be of any use, but you just can't put it down.
    fan-head.jpg Fan Head
    Keep it cool and fun with this light-up fan headband. Not adjustable. Fits most.
    mini-spotlight.gif Portable Mini Spot Light (Batt Operated)
    Convenient and does not require to be plugged in. The Battery Operated Mini LED Spot Light has 6 bright LEDs.
    puff-yo-yo.jpg Lightup Spikey Yo-Yo Ball (1 Dozen)
    Each two-tone ball has a "yo-activated" flashing light inside. Sold by the dozen
    bike-spoke-light.jpg Bike Spoke Light LED Lightshow
    Take the RAVE ON THE ROAD with this color changing LED lightshow that goes on your bike spokes. A life-saving device...
    votive_candle1.jpg LED 7 Color Votive Candle
    Light up your room or table with the flameless color-changing LED flickering candle.
    votive_candle3.jpg LED Single Color Votive Candle
    Light up your room or table with the single color flickering LED votive candle.
    battery/led_spinning_ratchet.gif LED Spinning Ratchet
    Just twirl this ratchet at any angle you want and make huge circles of multi-color lights that look simply amazing!!
    laser-ball1.jpg LED Robot Laser Ball
    Have a blast with this roaming rotating LED laser ball.




    4 Finger Lights

    Disco Kit

    Streetlight Multix

    Big Color Wand

    18" Black Light

    Rave Balls

    Light Rope

    Orb Ball

    Glow Hair Gel

    Glow Sticks

    LED Gas Mask

    Furry Leg Warmers

    Rave Gloves

    Cyber Goggles



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