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    We here at want you to know that you can shop with confidence!
    With over 30,000 orders filled and 12 years in business, we are the original rave clothing shop.

    For your next party, rave or club experience, let HouseOfRave help light up your night!  We are a full rave party supply store.  Whether you're looking for items to use for fun, fashion, decoration or even safety, we have hundreds of unique products for you to choose from. We specialize in rave clothing, rave gloves | LED gloves, party lighting, black light gear and more! Let us light up your night!


    HouseOfRave has served thousands of satisfied customers, including many famous companies:



    6" High Intensity Glow Sticks *Popular!

    Incredibly bright 6" high intensity glowsticks that glow for 30 minutes! Wow!

    Streetlight MultiX

    *New! When EVERYONE loves this light, you know it's going to be good.

    Rave Gloves *New! 

    Pre-wired, value, and professional LED rave glove sets! Light up the night in style!

    Glow Necklaces Tube

    *New! 50 glow necklaces that can be worn as necklaces or strung together to make light string!

    Party Police Beacon

    *New! Take this portable and powerful party beacon anywhere you want to draw attention to!

    Strobe Lights Section

    *New!  We've got strobe lights that'll light up a small room or an entire club!

    Disco Ball Section

    *New! We've got pretty much the best selection of disco balls anywhere. Ranging from 2" to 24"


     Featured ::: Rave Clothing and Disco Ball Section


    When the lights go down and the disco ball lights come on, you KNOW it's a party!  We've got the most unique section of Disco Ball Supplies on the web!    Some of our favorites include the All-In-One Disco Ball Set, the Double Sided Disco Ball Set and our selection of other full disco ball kits.
    Click to view the Disco Ball Section!


    Thank you HouseOfRave for helping our school with the disco themed prom.  The 30" disco ball looked gorgeous!
    --Jeannie D. - Wichita, KS. USA.

    My friends were blown away with my rave gloves  at the Electric Daisy Carnival, thanks again for the help.
    --Aaron L. - Tallahassee, FL. USA.

    Good product line for a good price. Fit well with my rave outfit. Can't wait to come back and get more fluffy leg warmers!
    --Sharon S. - Longmont, CO. USA - April 2012

    Just wanted to say thank you for a timely shipment. I received it today, and I will be ordering in the future and letting my friends know about your site and the wonderful things you offer.
    --Alvin O. - Tampa, FL. USA.

    I've placed 3 orders with in the last year, and I plan to order again!! Keep up the great work!
    --Robin Maclean - Toronto, ON. Canada

    Great selection and great prices.  Thanks for the Poi Swings, I love 'em!
    -Jason Li - San Diego, CA. USA








    4 Finger Lights

    Disco Kit

    Streetlight Multix

    Big Color Wand

    18" Black Light

    Rave Balls

    Light Rope

    Orb Ball

    Glow Hair Gel

    Glow Sticks

    LED Gas Mask

    Furry Leg Warmers

    Rave Gloves

    Cyber Goggles



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